Turnkey Construction of Crematoria for Humans or Animals

CremTec prepares well-founded market analyzes for the construction of new crematoria for humans or animals. We clarify the need for cremations and find the best location at home or abroad. We take a realistic look at your financing plan and the operating strategy.

When designing the buildings, we pay particular attention to local traditions and environmental protection. An efficient technology in the heart of every new building ensures that all plants planned by CremTec are far below the statutory environmental requirements (see below).

Dialogue and Knowledge Transfer

We see dialogue as the key to project success: CremTec is in contact with the authorities and the public, providing you with all the permits, while you can focus on your new project. CremTec prepares your staff for respectful treatment of the dead, mourners and victims. We teach your employees the correct use of the technical equipment, train them in administrative processes and develop the right marketing concept for your company.

Modernising existing Crematoria

CremTec supports municipal and private operators in the rehabilitation of crematoria. In cooperation with leading manufacturers, we modernize facilities of all sizes and organize the installation of the latest technology. In addition, we are dedicated to the renovation of buildings, also with regard to efficient processes and in compliance with possible monument protection requirements.

CremTec also brings your system economically into operation. We analyze your market and help you to optimize the organization and processes of the crematorium. We can also train your employees technically and commercially.

Advice on sales processes

Many municipal operators are increasingly competing with private cremation equipment. Therefore, privatization is more common in the room. CremTec brings its object to the market and advises you on legal issues. Of course, we also assist private operators with sales as consultants.

CremTec GmbH Referenzen: Die Feuerbestattungen

Work together: „Die Feuerbestattungen“

“Die Feuerbestattungen” is an alliance of 15 crematoria in Germany and Luxembourg initiated by CremTec in 2001. Our common mission – respect, dignity and sustainability in crematoria – is underlined by a uniform brand. “Die Feuerbestattungen” is open to new members.

Saving the Environment – CremTec Takes on Responsibility

CremTec co-developed the catalog of requirements of the RAL quality association for cremation plants in order to actively improve standards in German crematoria. All systems built or renovated by CremTec comply structurally, technically and organisationally with the quality and test regulations GZ 906 of the RAL. Thus, the emissions are well below the legal limits for crematoria. In terms of hygiene and employee qualification, the systems exceed the specifications.
Reduce energy consumption and emissions

In the Cremation Alliance, an alliance of currently 15 crematoria, we have reduced energy consumption per cremation by 26.5 percent over the past decade.

The emissions of crematoria are negligible compared to the emissions of vehicles registered in Germany and wood combustion plants. To further reduce the carbon footprint, CremTec relies on the use of regenerative energies such as solar systems.

Crematoria emit mercury emissions due to the burning of dental amalgam. Compared to power plants and waste incineration, this amount is also negligible. The plants filter out most of the mercury.

Download our study on dental amalgam and mercury emissions from crematioa (PDF)


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