Advice for Funeral Homes and Houses of Mourning

A funeral home these days is more than just a shop with an urn on the windowsill, it is at best a meeting place and customer-oriented service provider. CremTec supports you in planning a new building or redesigning an existing one.

In addition to meeting rooms as well as cooling and washing chambers, more and more undertakers want to also operate cafes, exhibition rooms and funeral halls. We advise you on colours and equipment as well as vehicle sizes and garages.

CremTec also provides partial solutions, be it by supplying cooling facilities or working out a communication concept tailored to your company. Whether you handle dozens or hundreds of deceased per year – CremTec finds an individual solution for you.

Unique Grave Sites

Spreading the ashes of the deceased on mountain meadows or waterfalls, letting ashes drift from a hot-air balloon – the individualisation of life continues into death. CremTec offers advice on planning unique grave sites. We cooperate with public-sector institutions and municipalities and help implement the necessary legal framework. Our landscape architects also design grave sites with a special atmosphere.

Three Examples:
Rosenfrieden garden at Celle city cemetery
Naturfriedhof Waldfrieden at Winsen (Aller)
Island cemetery Krautsand

Marketing – Your Brand & Your Message

CremTec delivers mature marketing concepts that effectively position your company within the funeral industry. Our graphic designers design the logos that fit your business. We make sure that your Internet presence, advertising and printed material sends a clear message.

CremTec delivers the content for your websites and brochures to help you reach your clients. We make sure that both design and content corresponds with your attitude towards life and work, thereby creating a high recognition value for the customer.