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More and more people in Germany favour cremation over burial – and consequently, the demands on crematoria are also increasing. A crematorium which wants to come up to modern standards needs to feature an appealing building design, state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified and competent staff to ensure appropriate and dignified handling of the deceased and sensitive interaction with the bereaved.

Do you have a crematorium which needs modernizing? Do you want to build a new crematorium? Where? How about marketing? …

This is where CremTec comes in. CremTec strives to be the prime partner to crematoria intending to fulfill and surpass increasing market requirements. We plan and implement the modernization of your facilities. We train your staff. We supply made-to-measure advice on how your crematorium can remain successful despite intense competition.

CremTec also builds turnkey crematoria and consults you on pinpointing the right location. We make sure that legal requirements are met and obtain official permits. We plan and build your facilities according to a modular concept and prepare you for start-up by setting up your business organization, training your people as well as planning and implementing marketing and communications strategies and tactics.

CremTec’s competence includes all aspects of the construction and operation of municipal or private crematoria. If you are interested in setting up an animal crematorium we can also help you.

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