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CremTec GmbH is a planning and consulting firm for engineering and marketing in the crematorium business. Whether planning, construction, operation or marketing of crematoria – we have the necessary know-how.

The four CremTec associates planned and implemented one of the first private crematoria in Germany. Since its start-up in 1998 this crematorium, based in the North German town of Stade, has set standards as one of the most advanced and efficient crematoria in the whole of Europe.

CremTec invariably works with state-of-the-art technology. Based on our own long standing experience we have developed and applied a wide range of technical innovations. According to our sense of responsibility for the environment we plan and construct facilities whose imissions fall way below the permitted threshhold values (latest EU requirements) while providing optimum efficiency.

Solid professional advice is crucial for running a successful crematorium. We probe the local markets and deduct realistic business plans.

Thanks to our experience CremTec is market leader in crematorium planning and consultancy. We know what we are doing – with respect to any technical, legal, organizational or commercial question in the areas of human and animal crematoria.

We have assisted many crematoria in setting up or modernizing their business and positionning themselves in the market. With the help of CremTec these crematoria have managed to secure their position in a very competitive market environment.

Follow our philosophy in the cremation business: Best possible service, state-of-the-art technology, highest environmental standards.